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Sony PlayStation repairs:

We specialize in PlayStation repairs on following models:

-PlayStation 4 original

-PlayStation 4 Slim

-PlayStation 4 PRO

-PlayStation 5

Service/ConsolePS4 OriginalPS4 SlimPS4 PROPS5 Original
HDMI port£25£25£30£40
HDMI controller£40£40£40£80
USB port£25£25£30£40
Cleaning + Thermal Paste£25£25£25£35
SSD storage 500GB£45£45£45X
SSD storage 1TB£65£65£65£120
Table 1: PlayStation Repair Prices

XBOX repairs:

Another service that we offer are repairs on following XBOX models:



-XBOX series S

-XBOX series X

Service/ConsoleXBOX ONE SXBOX ONE XXBOX series SXBOX series X
HDMI port£25£30£30£40
HDMI controller£25£30£30£45
USB port£25£30£25£45
Cleaning + Thermal Paste£25£25£25£35
SSD storage 500GB£45£45XX
SSD storage 1TB£65£65XX
Table 2: XBOX repair prices

Nintendo Switch repairs:

Here is a pricing for repairs on following Nintendo Switch models:

-Nintendo Switch

-Nintendo Switch OLED

-Nintendo Switch Light

Service/ConsoleNintendo SwitchNintendo Switch OLEDNintendo Switch Light
Charging port£30£30£30
Power management£35£35£35
USB controller£35XX
Table 3: Nintendo Switch repair prices

Apple products repairs:

We can help you with many different models of iPads and iPhones. Our team specializes in motherboard diagnostics and repairs. We can offer repair services on following:


-iPad Air

-iPad mini

-iPad Pro

-any iPhone motherboard except for iPhone XR (piece of sh*t)

Please contact us for pricing on individual Apple products.